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6-book Interactive Library World Information Atlas
January 10th 2018 02:19 PM
BASE: $30.97, HST: $4.03
Kids can explore the world and far off lands with the Encyclopedia Britannica 6-Book Interactive Library World Information Atlas. This interactive encyclopedia set comes with one battery-powered SD-X InteractiveReader and six fact-filled, hardcover books. The books include People, Adventures, History, Forces of Nature, Oceans, and World Atlas. Each 64-page encyclopedia is laid out and written with young readers in mind. Collage-like layouts filled with vivid photos, illustrations, and maps fill the pages, while concise descriptions make for easier reading. The SD-X Interactive Reader is a pen-shaped device that's filled with thousands of interesting bits of information.To use the SD-X Interactive Reader, simply touch it anywhere on the page to hear additional fun facts, sounds effects and definitions. Kids can also use the smart pen to take quizzes as they read along to see how much they have learned. The SD-X Interactive Reader is headphone compatible so kids can easily use it during travel or at home without disturbing others around them. The smart pen automatically goes to sleep after two minutes when not in use.
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